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7 Days Tire Center is a Family Operated Business dedicated to provide high quality service in all your Tires and Wheels Needs

We first open for Business in 1969, and We are please to provide you with any related services for your Tires And Wheels
We Have the following services:

CUSTOM TIRE & WHEEL ORDERS (REPAIRS AVAILABLE) Auto Wheel Covers & Hubcaps, Spinning Wheels & Supplies, Tires Retail, New & Used Tires, Wheels & Tires Service & Repair.

We Have All Brands Available per order, ( please click on the select link to see our brands)

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    So Come and visit us "7 Days Tire Center in Los Angeles California, where Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority"
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  • How to Buy Car Tires:

    Tires are the most important, but least appreciated, car part. Good tires can make a car ride and handle like a dream. Mediocre or worn-out tires can make it feel as though you're constantly on a rocky unpaved trail. Most importantly, the condition and quality of your tires have a direct effect on your vehicles braking performance, so taking the time to educate yourself about vehicle tires may save you more than just your hard earned cash!

    All tires look pretty much the same, so it can be a challenge to choose the right ones. 7days tire center will guide you to make a confident choice.

     Warning never buy used tires!

    7 days tire center   will guarantee the best prices for all brand name tires in Santa Ana Tustin in and Anaheim. It expert mechanics  will ensure mounting, balancing, new valve stems, recycling charges and road hazard warranties.

    When to buy. You probably need to replace your tires more often than you think. When the tread wears down, tires can't grip the road well. To determine tread depth, stick a penny with Lincoln's head top-down into the shallowest groove between treads. If you can see the top of Lincoln's hair, it's time to replace the tire. In areas with a lot of rain, you should use the same "hair" rule with a nickel instead of a penny.

    Regardless of tread depth, replace your tires if they are more than 5 years old. To discover your tire's age, find the alphanumeric code that begins with DOT (it may be on the inside sidewall). The two numbers or letters following DOT are the code of plant where the tire was manufactured. The last four numbers tell you the week and year the tire was made: "DOTB709005" means the tire was manufactured in September 2005 in Michelin's Dothan, Alabama, plant and should be replaced.

    Also replace damaged tires that show hairline cracks .

    How many to buy. It's best to replace all 4 tires. If that's not possible, exactly match the tires you're keeping, right down to the part number. Put the new tires on the rear axle. Having new tires on the front and worn tires on the rear can cause you to spin out if you hit a patch of deep water. When buying snow tires, get 4 or none.

    Do you like your car's handling and ride? If so, buy exactly the same tires that are on your car now. A different tire will almost certainly make the car feel and perform differently. If there's something about your car's handling or ride you don't like, you may be able to fix it with an educated change of rubber. Talk to your tire dealer.

    All-season isn't. Don't mistakenly assume that an all-season tire has more wet grip than a summer tire. In reality, all-season tires give up grip on both damp and dry roads to get some increased mobility in the snow. If you live where it rarely or never snows, purchase summer tires.

    Big wheels keep on turnin'. Did you buy a car with large-diameter wheels and ultrahigh-performance tires? If so, the car may have a harsh ride, the tires a short tread life, and the wheels may be susceptible to bending. It's possible that a smaller diameter wheel will fit on your car. Go to a wheel store and ask a technician to try one. With a smaller-diameter wheel, you can buy tires with a taller sidewall. Taller sidewalls should provide a softer, but less precise, ride.

    They aren't all the same. Michelin owns the Uniroyal and BFGoodrich brands. Goodyear has Kelly-Springfield and Dunlop. Bridgestone owns Firestone. Even if you buy an off-brand tire, it's possible that a quality company produced it. But possibly not. It's best to stick with the most well-known brands. Or you can check a tire's origin by checking the first two letters or numbers behind DOT on the tire sidewall. see  Tire CodeExplanation


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